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It is that time of the night again, everybody seem to be checking on everyone, do we split the bill or do we pay separately? No way, am not paying half of his banana split, you know what… let’s play a game! Let’s make them pay

Make them pay is a party game featuring different ways to have fun with your friends with one thing at hearth. Not everybody can win.

Amongst a giant crowd or as a stealthy vampire, there are many ways for you to get in their brain and eat it entierly. Who cares about friendship when you just can make em pay !

The game is currently in an early access stage and offers two solutions. A free demo that has limited content and a paid version with more advanced features and up to 6 players !

If you send me a pm I can give beta key for you to test and review the game !

Player Number - Up to 6 players using 2-4 gamepads and the keyboard !

Demo version limited to 4 players at the same time !

Difficulty - We know it's difficult, so we let you choose between 4 difficulty settings

[Pay what you want] Choose to support the development of this game or just pick it up for a test drive. Your choice. A "complete" version is available with the most recent features the game as to offer and support the game development.

[Early access] Warning : this game is not pitch perfect but we know it. Its current state allows for an important preview of the final experience. Yet it still requires fine tuning, love and probably some debugging. If you see any bug within the game, please notify us so we can correct it for everybody. Nobody likes bugs.

And it Works with Parsec!


keyboard layout

Xbox Gamepads:

xbox controller layout


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make-em-pay-linux-beta.zip 128 MB

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I want to play this with my two friends, but the sad thing is I only have one controller right now so can you add the second player on the key board very soon?

Hey supfred, thanks for your interest in the game ! The second keyboard player is in the next update being tested right now. Should be up around 19 pm central European time. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of the game :). All the best ! 

And this is now UP (with beta v0.8.6)


Thank you very much