Make 'Em Pay 0.8.5 Hotfix

Hello there !

First thing first. Thanks A LOT guys for putting "Make Em Pay" on the popularity list of today. This makes me very happy and very confident for the future of this game. Thanks a bunch ! <3

Now let's get serious. I had time today for some debugging which is gonna help for you to have the best experience as possible. We are now in version 0.8.5 and the less than 1mb patch is containing :

- One of the walker was invincible ingame. Could be frustrating, it's now fixed.

- The vampire could attack while being ligthen up.. No no sir, no more of this.

- Use keyboard wasn't being conserved once back at the home page.

- Tutorial images sometimes displaying poorly.

- Change of the font for the informative text, might help reading those.

- Player number and timer is now grayed / removed once the player is killed.

- Slight change in the hitbox which is not a tad higher up on the character.

Hope you guys enjoy this update and as always

Don't hesitate to comment / contact me if you find any bug that might be frustrating.

All the best !

Files 123 MB
Version 0.8.5 Jun 22, 2018 128 MB
Version 0.8.5 Jun 22, 2018 137 MB
Version 0.8.5 Jun 22, 2018

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